Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nothing more to add

While I gazed in irritation at the second lot of "Made in China" toys I've had to send back in the last couple of months because of safety recalls, I read Amy's post over at Angry Chicken. She's talked about the issue so well I'm gonna be lazy and just link to her. I should be less lazy and show you some cool Made in New Zealand toys and other wooden toys the kids have in their collection. But that requires a level of energy I don't possess after a late night knitting with friends.

When I travelled very briefly in Africa I often saw kids playing with things like a stick tied onto a piece of string, quite happily I might add. My kids now roll their eyes when Hubby and I talk about just giving them a stick and a piece of string. At least a stick and a piece of string can't be recalled for high lead levels in the paint, or choking hazard magnets falling out, or dangerous levels of killing a child's natural imagination and creativity.