Sunday, August 19, 2007

And so it continues...

More problems with "Made in China". This time our children's clothing!

There is a lot of media-speak about a "consumer backlash" against "Made in China". Pray tell, what do we lash back to? Have you checked the labels in the vast majority of clothing available in shops? Take a guess. You could get "Made in India" or "Made in Bangladesh" as an alternative, I suppose. Any better? Who can tell!

For those of us with a keen interest in sewing some of our own clothing, we don't escape the issue either. Check the "Made in" tags on the fabric rolls in Spotlight or your local fabric store. Take another guess! Even "Made in New Zealand" children's clothing, such as the scrummy Smallfry Wellington label, still use fabric sourced in China.

We can't afford organic clothing at our house so it's probably high time I refined those thrifting skills and start hitting the Sallies and Savemart a little more often.

And before we get too comfortable on our high horse of outrage about our own children's wellbeing, let's spare a thought or more for the women (oh yes, I bet they're women, if not children!) who are working with these poisoned fabrics, soaking in the toxins and going home and picking up their own precious children.