Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Yesterday featured a fair amount of Helen for us. Not Helen, our illustrious leader, although despite some of our disparate values, I hold her in some regard. Oh yes, I can hear some of you gasp in horror. Keep in mind that some of my maternal peeps emigrated from Scotland to be coal miners on the West Coast. What chance do I have but to lean to the Left? It's in the blood. (But, accordingly to my Grandmother (of the coal mining variety) I am now indulging in impolite conversation. No politics, sex or religion, thank you.)

A few weekends ago I got to join some of my favourite crafting women on a weekend away of crafting and conversation. We spent a productive Saturday afternoon sequestered in a garage dying hanks of wool. The lovely Helen, my very own wool queen, kindly dried then wound my wool for me!! I was able to pick it up from her yesterday.

What to knit? What to knit? The pastel mohair is calling most strongly to me with its soft, fluffy powers. The girls are putting in their requests for prettiful items.
Last night, we had a Mums and Daughters evening with Ali & H10, watching The Miracle Worker, a 1962 classic film about Annie Sullivan who worked with Helen Keller. M7 had read the biography (three times, she informs me!) which was just as well because she was flagging towards the late end of it. Caramello brownie (nice work, H10) was enjoyed and plans made for future evenings, in our PJs of course!