Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Autumn Knits

I have finished a variety of knitted objects while I've been somewhat inactive. Yes, that unusually shaped jersey IS for a dog - my sister's daschund, Lottie. Crazy, I've gone crazy. Knitting for a dog. Golly.

Baby knitting to use up stash yarn. This wee cardy is a lovely new pattern from Kelly. I've cast on another one already.

More socks for ME. These are modeled by my big girl who is trying to tell me that she fits my socks and shoes. Not quite yet!
More stashing busting - a felted tote.
I knitted Master Six this vest which fits his nearly 12 year old sister better - oops.
Plenty more knitting planned for the winter months ahead.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Winter Slipper Factory

Pair of felted slippers for each child. DONE.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

John Barleycorn

We've been enjoying a CD of Celtic Songs for Children alongside our learning this term. One of the songs is a traditional English folk tune called John Barleycorn - about turning barley into beer - a subject close to the heart of Man of the House. In yet another moment of home learning serendipity I discovered this awesome book at the library this week.

The farmer would have a corn doll in a place of honour over the mantle. We made some corn/wool dollies today and I've put one on my mantle. Maybe it will ensure a better barley harvest for Hubby. Sadly, the birds got all of his last one.

We did have a good self-sown pumpkin harvest this year. I'm seeing soup and pie in my future.

We found this lovely mushroom specimen in our garden this morning too.