Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wearing It

I'm working hard on improving my sewing from the slap-happy beginner I am. My main struggle is with getting the fit right. I finished this dress back in June - just when it got too cold to wear it. Next time I'll downsize the top even more and attempt a proper Small Bust Adjustment. It's a forgiving fit being a wrap dress.

I bought Pip's Sew La Tea Do purely on the basis of the wrap around skirt pattern. The fabric screamed Holly Hobbie to me. Just the thing I was right into last time I wore wrap around skirts! Yeah, t-shirt doesn't match - will sort that out before summer.

And the Tunic dress from Sew La Tea Do. Again, I started out making it in the wrong size, then realised that women of a certain age and figure can't really wear tunics without looking like they're wearing a paper bag. So a bit of hacking and sewing makes this more wearable. Just.