Monday, August 13, 2007

Hemp versus plastic

I've been a big fan of hemp fabric since I discovered it when I5 was in cloth nappies. I obtained some hemp/cotton double knit yarn over a year ago that's been lurking in the stash. In my wee crusade against plastic bags (and frankly those darn ugly green reusable bags sold at supermarkets!) I've decided to crochet and knit it into market bags.

Finally, I finished my first crocheted blue hemp market bag but it seems to have mysteriously ended up a lot bigger than I thought it would. So much for being able to read a crochet pattern...or perhaps it was "English" and I was crocheting "American"? (Yes, the two can't even agree when it comes to crochet!)

Yes, that is the kid's collection of Maisy Mouse books in there for modelling purposes. Imagine my biceps if I lugged that baby around full of canned goods.

I've moved onto the Hemp Market Bag from Knitting Daily. Then I have plans for the plain Market Bag and perhaps even the Everlasting Bagstopper from Knitty. (Let's just keep very, very quiet about the fact that my Cabled Footie is still missing a partner...darn Second Sock Syndrome.)