Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So our composting is now well and truely underway.

In the weekend, Husband cut the planks for the compost bin out of recycled timber from a friend's building site. The Offspring then assembled them into this funky compost bin. Aren't they clever?! Obviously the lid is removeable but keeps neighbourhood pets out.

I've been intrigued by the Bokashi system for a while but have gone the cheap route of buying two plastic containers from Plastic Box and drilling holes in the top bucket to drain (ok, Husband will probably do the drilling). Thanks, Nova, for the heads up on this cheaper method. I bought my bag of Compost-Zing yesterday so we're good to go once we have holes. If we didn't have the compost bin we'd need two or three buckets to make the Bokashi system work for all our waste.

We're still composting directly into the garden box, which worked well for us previously. I'd like a worm farm for the kids then we're learning a few different methods together.

So how are your Nearly-Spring garden preparations going?