Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Worth a read

Make a large cup of your poison (Fairtrade home-roasted coffee for me) and read this brilliant article by Sharon Astyk of Casaubon's Book. If you're like me, with many little voices not in your head but near your head, then it'll take a couple of sessions to get through but her thoughts on where and HOW we will live in a post-Peak Oil world are well worth getting to grips with.

Money Earner and I are only just getting our head around the fact that we will more likely be "urban homesteaders" than country dwellers as we had previously thought.

One quote that tickled my fancy: "Suburbia is so tied up with children and family life that I feel like I should say something about that. The suburban model of childhood will simply have to come to an end. Many more children will probably be homeschooled, many more children will probably be put to work sooner helping out at home, and the child-centered model will probably disintegrate, replaced by a family-centered model in which children are expected to pitch in, listen and are not treated always like visiting heads of state to be deferred to and offered the best. " (Italics mine.)

Your thoughts?