Monday, June 23, 2008

Out of town thriftin'

I got in some thrifting while away this weekend. Unfortunately, funds didn't allow as much as I would have liked. I have two must-visit places. One is a funny wee second hand/antique store in a very small town on the journey. I'm sure she puts her prices up when she sees me walk in the door with a gleam in my eye. I got these three children's aprons that I'll use as part of a kid's craft swap I'm doing with a group of friends. (Um, iron and I are not on friendly terms that often.)

My other treasure trove is a fantastic vintage linens shop in my home town. It is an apron-lover's dream and I've picked up a few funky vintage knitting patterns there in the past. Restraint was the order of the day so I just scored these cool wooden handles I'll use for a sewn or knitted bag in the future. The Rag-Bag Toys book caught my eye. The whole concept of a rag bag seems a useful one to me. We can learn a lot from past generations about RE-USE!

I gasped in fascinated horror as I turned to the page for the "Darkie Version" of the stocking doll.

If I had an old hat, I could make a "Cheerful Darkie" too. Really. Dude.

With the current revival in crafting, I think we can afford to leave some of the attached attitudes behind, eh? (That's not to say I'm not going to try to make one of these cuties.)