Friday, June 27, 2008

First Home-made Doll

I felt very Ma Ingalls sewing up this calico doll for my niece's 2nd birthday this week (apart from the electronic sewing machine part). She's a Basic Doll from Claire Garland's Toys to Sew book. I had all the bits and pieces in the stash apart from decent thick felt for her face and just the right pink fluffy wool for her luscious "do". (You must check out Garland's Dream Toys knitting book. There is a cowboy and horse in there with A3's name on it!)

Normally, she doesn't like to pose in her undies but these are modest enough for a family show. Now, I want some blue polka dots ones for me!

Her wardrobe does need another top but all that fiddly sewing had done my head in by last night.

Wanna know the dumb part of this whole exercise? I felt so completely inadequate with my hand-made-with-love offering that I went out and BOUGHT a whole 'nother "proper" present to include with it. What is WITH that?