Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mummy-Daughter Date

Eldest and I got to spend a special day and night together in the Capital staying in a swanky hotel. We caught the train in on a chilly day.

The view from our 14th floor room.

Lunch together in one of my favourite cafes.

They sell stunningly gorgeous cupcakes there and I am not going to tell you how much this one cost us!

Fun in the pool. Mum spent more time in the spa...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

We ate in the nice hotel restaurant. M8 had a lot of fun peeking over the back of her seat at the barman making cocktails...a necessary skill for any budding spy. New clothes for the young lady too.
What stay in a hotel is complete without breakfast in bed! "There are eight pillows on the bed, Mum...and a pillow menu!"

We'll be living on rice and lentils for the next wee while (not a bad thing) but it was totally worth it!