Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sunshine and Poetry

Confession: High school English managed to crush any love of poetry I might have possessed. I've carried "I don't 'do' poetry" ever since. I'm excited to discover that I can find a way back to an appreciation of the written and spoken word through my children. See - they have a lot to teach me!

We grasped a rare gloriously sunny afternoon for our kids to recite their memorised poetry outside (after a good repast, of course).

H12 wrote her own poem for us. Two brothers collapsed into a fit of giggles at their poem. B10 played a tune from Pirates of The Caribbean.

Even K2 participated in her little way. C7 captured the essence of being a boy with his pick. H11 wrote a speech about the human eye, delivered impassionately.

My "extra" daughter, K6, did great. M8 can easily overcome her reservedness in this environment. L4 loves the stage (funny that).

I6 enjoyed reciting little verses from her first wee Bible. A3 did a croaky (darn cold) rendition of 'Do, a Deer' from Sound of Music.

Methinks I may have to issue a challenge to the three mums to come up with something for next time. (I know you're reading this, Ali!)

The rest of the afternoon was spent running wild in the big backyard with perfect climbing trees, and sticks for all sorts of games. Just as it should be. Charlotte Mason would have been proud.