Monday, August 18, 2008

Joy of Yarn

On our way home from our fantastic family weekend away we drove through one of my favourite spots in the lower North Island, Greytown. Imagine my delight, and excited squeals, when I saw a cute pink shingle hanging outside a gorgeous cottage proclaiming "Sock Yarn Boutique". Hubby knew to screech to the side of the road immediately (good boy).

The girls and I got to explore the sweet wee "Joy of Yarn" boutique at the back of Scarlet Oak Cottage (romantic sounding huh?) that had just opened a couple of days previously. Unfortunately I didn't have large loads of cash on hand and the Eftpos machine wasn't available so I managed to scrounge enough coins for a ball of Regia Bamboo sock yarn for I6.

James is stocking Knitpicks needles and Vintage Purls limited edition sock yarns among the Opal and Regia yarns. I look forward to a child-free visit to have a good poke and fondle AND for his online store to open so I can nab some more Bamboo in MY colours;-) The wee boutique is open Saturdays and Sundays 10am-3pm - well worth a stop!