Saturday, August 30, 2008

Love the Swapsies

I get a total buzz out of doing swaps in the Craftiverse. It's fun wracking your brain thinking of something perfect for your swapee, then getting those fingers busy, and the satisfaction of posting the package off, hoping nervously they'll like it.

This week was full of swappy abundance. Here's my "very me" necklace from Kate. I love how she gets me without having met me (yet!).

I got my eagerly awaited package from The Nappy Network Hand-dyed Yarn Swap. My swapper chose the Indian festival of Holi as her theme for me. Look at those colours!

My parcel included some dried fruit - a traditional Holi gift, chai tea, incense, a pattern for a knitted Indian camel and some Indian recipes which we'll definitely try (we even have ghee & jaggery in our house).

How did she know I needed more stitch markers?

I feel the yarn is calling to be showcased on its own rather than on the camel so I'll knit him in a solid colour at a later stage. I'll buy some of the Holi dyes I've seen at our Indian supply shop and the kids and I will recreate it in our backyard.

I love the connections that are created through these kind of swaps!