Friday, September 7, 2007

A wee hiatus

You know how you can slide off the edge of the blogging universe? Well, I guess I did, eh? Sometimes I find it hard to kick that 'overwhelmed by other blogs' feeling and do my thang.

This week I turned into one of those crazed "sewing my child's costume with an urgent deadline" mamas. Miss 5 was Laura Ingalls for a Storybook event today. The costume is far too large for her but as I was doing the irritating hand sewing part I thought that Caroline probably made the girl's clothing a few sizes too big to get the most out of them...and by hand too.

I also turned into a "must give a home-made child's birthday present" mama. I was finishing the hand-sewing 5 minutes before M(nearly 8) left for the party.

I love the Reading Pillow pattern by Meg over at Montessori by Hand. I am determined to make all of us one too.