Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bread, again

The wholegrain loaf from yesterday was scrummy. I'll spare you a photo of the orange millet raisin loaves from today, in case you bloat up, but they got a big thumbs up from the kids too.

Today, I was the picture of kitchen domesticity: kneading my orange raisin bread then baking three loaves of it, homemade playdough for two of the offspring, lactation cookies that despite me not lactating I've developed a liking for, lamb shanks and beans into the slow cooker. This evening, after getting the homemade chicken stock out of the freezer for the fresh egg noodles for kid's dinner, I had to call a stop to all that Martha Stewart-ing as I fought off urges to make apple pie. I was starting to feel a little queasy at myself.
So I sent Houseboy out for c**p filled icecream and marshmellows for pudding. I will make a chocolate sauce to put the kids (including a sleeping-over friend) into complete sugar overload before bed. What am I thinking?
My excuse is I need the sugar rush to cope with the premmie baby knitting I'm doing in 4ply on 3mm needles in a more-complicated-than-expected-from-the-photo lace pattern!