Thursday, April 12, 2007

In my defence

OK, so I'm only supposed to be knitting with wool out of my current stash. Somehow I managed to order more hanks from The Wool Company. In my defence, you can only really tell what the new colours are like if you see them in real life, right? Also in my defence, I'll be knitting the green Seaweed and Blues up on behalf of another non-knitting mama. Again, in my defence, it's always handy to have pretty girl colours on hand in case someone has a wee pink flavour baby, and the new soft pastel Opals are my colours. And again, in my defence I can't resist the feeling of accomplishment from being able to knit a whole premature baby ensemble in the white 4ply from the patterns published in the latest Knit World catalogue. Can a girl really have too much stash?