Saturday, April 14, 2007

Family and Food

We enjoyed another, what I hope isn't the last, burst of Indian Summer today. My parents were visiting from out of town. A great excuse to get the family together around food out in the sun. There is something very special about breaking bread together, especially with those we don't see often enough.

Plus I always love an excuse to show off our beloved cloth nappies on the line.

My baby brother, with his baby...already walking at only 9.5 months! Yes, she does it unaided too.

My Dad with his youngest grandchild of seven. He was born to be a grandfather and it is always such a joy to see him with the kids even though they wear him out nowadays.

My budding gardener is always determined to dig about in my complete embarassment of a garden. Time to get some more soil and get cracking on a winter crop.