Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Winter Kitchen, Part Two

Organisation. I need to be organised. I don't do well in mess and clutter. It gets into my head and paralyses me. This winter I continue to make small steps in the kitchen to make it a space I can function well in. Bigger house (new rental) = less kitchen storage - go figure. This week I've made a start sorting our first aid and medicines on top of the fridge. I'd coveted these tins in a design store in Cuba Mall then fell over when I found them for MUCH cheaper elsewhere - they came home with me. We have a real mix of conventional and herbal/homeopathic medicines in them.
I've replaced the stinky old icecream containers with a sealed, non-stinky tin. It's also bigger meaning less visits out to the compost heap in the rain for whiney children;-)

There is much thinking about life in my kitchen at the moment. There is also much fruitful discussion with two soul sisters about weeny changes we are all trying to make in our lives. More soon hopefully.