Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Winter Craft

My major crafting this winter is the sampler quilt I'm making for M10. How exciting to read Pip's piece over at ever-inspirational Meet Me at Mikes about an English paper pieced quilt made by female prisoners of war in Changi prison in Singapore in World War Two. I'd just learned English paper piecing last week and completed the above block which I'll applique onto a 12" block. (Yes, my tacking threads are still in.)

Hubby and I also rewatched Tenko last year. I have such strong memories of the Stephanie Cole and Stephanie Beacham characters.

Mrs Olga Henderson pointing out the block she made for the 'Tenko' quilt as a 13 year old Girl Guide and POW in Changi, 1943.
[Image from the Victoria and Albert Museum. Oh how I wish I could have seen this exhibition! May have to invest in the book eventually;-)]