Wednesday, January 14, 2009

World Peace

Some more thoughts. I was recently accused of being "holier than thou" because I hold passionate concerns for people and issues outside the four walls of my white, middle-class, privileged suburban existence - apparently I should be worrying about the "in crowd" or something instead. (I have never been "in" in my life, so it seems pointless to start worrying about it half way through!)

I don't think a shift in perspective ever hurts those of us who live in a similarly blessed situation. Some physical shifts that our family find challenging and encouraging:
* Rob, Rach and the gang on a most amazing family adventure (miss you guys)
* Rae and her posse keeping it real in India (colour our family green with envy)

My contribution to World Peace today? Making felt donuts for my three future peace-makers...what better than to fill their little Love Tanks to overflowing while sharing with them about the blessing and responsibility their young lives carry.