Sunday, January 11, 2009

Whatcha up to?

It's summertime. We've been out enjoying it when we can and even enjoying the wet days inside!

I've been loving my new favourite store, Green Living in Petone, picking up all sorts of interesting crafty bits and pieces for the kids, and goodies for our home and garden.

Plenty of reading happening around here. It doesn't feel like there are enough hours in the day to get through everything I'd love to.

The Mama has even been having a good tinkle on the piano most days. See Mum & Dad - the investment of those years of piano lessons hasn't gone to waste.

Lots of daydreaming, thinking, planning for our home living/learning in the year ahead.

Too many late nights after watching DVDs with the hubby...must get into a better habit before the year really cranks into gear.

And as always, knitting! I've started the year as I mean to go on...something for me...a pair of Caterpillar socks.