Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shower Caps and Apple Trees

I had a couple of pieces of pretty waterproof fabric in my stash that was designated for making nappy covers for new babies but I chose it for funky shower caps for the kids.

We bought an apple and a lime tree yesterday. Seems a bit odd to be planting long term fruit trees at a rental house but it feels good to put down positive roots that we or future tenants can enjoy. Hubby and kids also dug out the grass under my new herb garden box.

I finally finished the cowboy tote bags for A3 and his cuzzie. Thank you, again, Claire for your super embroidery machine. Nothing like a personalised bag for a 3 year old boy to keep his treasures in. Recognise the inner fabric, Judy? Yet another thing I've had sitting around in the stash unused for two years - thanks!!