Thursday, October 9, 2008

Current W.I.Ps

I'm sure I've confessed here before my slight weakness for knitting books;-) One of my latest acquisitions is the new Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside The Lines. As well as being pee your pants funny there are stunning patterns in there that are now clogging my project whiteboard.

I quickly whipped up the Leafy Reticule in some hemp from my stash. I already had the thrifted wooden handles put away for a sewing project but they were there and the right size. I've started a Monteagle Bag in some olive green hemp too.

Just look at that gorgeous Jane Austen Dress! I am definitely making one of those with a matching shrug for my two-year old niece's Christmas pressie. I'm sure at least one of my young ladies will end up with one too.

My February Lady Sweater is trudging along - at snail's pace since this new book has come along to distract me.