Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'll show you mine

Ms SweetP Knits showed her February Lady Sweater progress so I thought I'd show mine. I'm obviously not minding it as much as she is;-) It's being modeled by my 9yr old. No, I'm not as small as a 9yr old and am vaguely wishing I'd cast on the XS instead of the XXS. It meets with a weeny stretch over my not-so-ample bosom. I do have a tendency to make/buy clothing slightly too large for myself so I'm hoping I'll be comfortable with this being more fitting.

I'm liking how my gull lace is turning out - I'm not liking the acrylic yarn on my plastic Denise needles - no where near as pleasing as nice wool yarn on my Knitpicks Harmonies.

At the rate that I'm going (i.e other projects jumping the queue) this really WILL be a February Lady Sweater.