Monday, October 20, 2008

Christmas Craft Planning

It's clear to me, observing the piles of fabric breeding in my craft room (a.k.a my bedroom), that I need more fabric like I need a trepanning session on my skull.

But does that stop me? No - especially when it is COWBOY fabric. Cowboy CHRISTMAS fabric!! Dude - this was so coming home to my house as soon as I saw it!! So, what shall I do with it? I need some great Christmas crafty ideas for each yard. Otherwise, it will simply be turned into drawstring bags to use in place of Christmas wrapping paper that we can re-use each year.

How could I resist this with all the young ladies I sew for!! What to do, what to do with it??

I've had to let go of my plans of finally having a knitted nativity scene this year as other knitting and sewing projects bump it further down the queue.

So what Christmas craft inspirations do you have for me?