Friday, April 18, 2008

Yet More!

It was the beret pattern that prompted me to buy 101 One Skein Wonders and I finally got around to knitting it this week in The Wool Company Possum Merino Double Knit. Cozy and for me! (Should have blocked it.)

The Indian Summer is over. A southerly swept up the valley this morning so on went our first fire.
And in Good Life news...we have an allotment!! Husband and Eldest went to our community garden meeting this morning. The lupin is about 20cm high and will be dug in in July. It sounds like there's a really interesting group of people involved who all have different gardening methods. Husband was most intrigued with an older German gentleman who seems to know a LOT about gardening and chickens (Chickens! Imagine having chickens up at church! Now that would be cool.)...we're hoping to learn heaps from him. Our current plan is to put a crop of potatoes in our allotment to break up the soil. to find a pair of woolly socks and decide what to cast on next.