Monday, April 14, 2008

And more

Yeah, yeah...I's getting a bit repetitive with all the knitted hats...

But you know, here's how it is. That sense of achievement is often an elusive thing for a mother on a day to day basis. The work we do isn't a measurable results type enterprise. On rare occasions (like yesterday at a cafe) I get complimented by strangers on how well-behaved my kids are. That's nice'n'all (until we get home and they turn feral on me). But we're after something more internal and eternal than how they look to the world. So, while missing the feedback of a salary, good annual performance review, stimulating adult conversation that the paid workforce offers, I get a buzz out of choosing the exact right yarn for the person I'm knitting for, flicking through my pattern books, then producing an item knitted with love that will keep their lovely eleven year old head warm this winter.

(It's another Kim's Hat from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts in Patons this yarn big time!)