Sunday, April 24, 2011

Autumn Knits

A gorgeous group of girlfriends gifted me (howzat for alliteration?) this stunning yarn as a pick me up after a recent bout of ill health. See, I'm smiling - it worked! They even matched it perfectly to my current WIP (Work in Progress) ink;-) Of course I had to use a pattern designed by one of them. Scrummy, scrummy, scrummy scarf for winter.

I'm trying to perfect my "gazing thoughtfully into the distance" look but am really thinking about how badly I need a haircut after being housebound for a weeny while. My Finished Object is a jubbly winter cardy. I am such the cardy gal so am super pleased with how this turned out. Not too big, not too small - JUST right!

The weather has turned and so have my thoughts, to planning my Winter Knits.