Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunshine & happiness

Sunshine & happiness have both been in short supply at our place this week.

The lighting in these photos is awful. It's mid-winter, freezing, even sleeted at our place in the weekend, doesn't seem to have stopped raining in over a week - blerch, grump, ugh!

What cheered the mama up a bit? Making this cute Lolita apron for I6's best buddy who is six years old tomorrow. Happy Birthday, lovely Miss K (sorry Aunty Sharon won't be here). I6 gets her matching one later in the week;-)

Is there anything more satisfying than the look of home-made bias binding in just the right print to match the apron? All the cutting, fiddling, ironing and sewing has been good for my heart.

I travel to Christchurch tomorrow to farewell a brave wee man who slipped into heaven from his Mummy's arms last Thursday. His all-too-brief two years have touched many, many people.