Monday, February 25, 2008

Let go and learn together

This morning was a time for Mama to breathe deeply, let go of her expectations and let the kids do their thang.

M8's current career aspiration is to become a spy, inspired (or should that be inspyred?) by reading Harriet the Spy last year. This morning she was on a "spy adventure" collecting "everdence".
Today, I5 is a band manager. She has made a poster for the concert this afternoon and tickets and money to buy them with.

A (nearly)3 is in amongst his blocks.

Mama joined in and that attracted the two girls to get involved. Here's a bit of multi-aged cooperative construction learning;-)

In a little while, we'll all come back together to read our Greek Myths and Five Children & It.

I've been really enjoying Nikki's documentation of the daily learning journey of her wee gang. Pop over for a bit of a glimpse into an "unschooling" lifestyle.