Saturday, December 15, 2007


We are all about the stationery (e for envelope) at our place. OK, so the Mummy is all about the stationery, and bought this gorgeous Nature Notebook for M8 and now wants to keep it for herself. Perhaps I need to get back to Wanda Harland for the girl's journal for me! This one has been tucked into the cupboard for next year.

I also picked up this sweet simple recycled paper notebook for M8 at Craft 2.0. We'd been talking about making books next year then I read a great post on the book 'How to Make Books' over at Soulemama, and in a few places since. It couldn't be more perfect for what we want. It'll definitely be in our next book order. We're also going to set up a letter-writing box similar to Amanda's book box.

p.s Happy Birthday, Martha. Thanks for the wee chat in your lovely store. Enjoy your birthday dinner out.