Thursday, November 29, 2007

World AIDS Day

1 December is World AIDS Day around the globe. For me, it always brings thoughts of poor communities, particularly those I've seen in Africa, hugely affected by this disease.

I've seen complete despair, holding a skeletally thin woman in a dark hut, in her last days with barely any last comforts available to her. I've met a 14 year old boy, parenting three younger siblings alone after his 16 year old sister had left to marry for a better life, his parent's graves just behind their bare hut. I've been buoyed by the hope of a group of HIV Positive women living a full existence, despite their lack of access to healthcare available to us.

(Excuse the photos of photos from Uganda and Malawi.)
Please be aware and check out the information at World Vision New Zealand, World Vision International and the video links at World Vision US.