Saturday, December 15, 2007

Craft 2.0 agin

I spent an enjoyable hour or so wandering around Craft 2.0 with M8 and her buddy, H10. It always provides quite the crafty inspiration and we've come home with a few more things to add to our "must-try's" next year.

The horse tote had to come home with us. Supposedly, M8 and I are going to share but I don't know that the poor kid will get a look in.

This time of year is filled with good intentions that come to naught. These gift tags are simple and cute and someone else made them for me.

Irresistible felt stocking...mine, all mine.

I'm down with the whole pincushion love and hope my plan to make myself one comes to fruition next year, but this one came home to M8's craft basket.

Love these dinky boxes! The nice lady also gave M8 & H10 a gift tag each, that matched their outfits...cute gesture. I'll pop wee sweeties in these.