Sunday, November 25, 2007

Water Matters Part One

We have been using the fantastic World Vision resource "Water Matters" with the kids for a couple of terms. Today was the perfect day to walk to the river to fetch water so buckets in hand we set off.
A2 loved his "jungle adventure".

Time for a brief cool-down before commencing work.

There was time for a bit of bug-spotting. We identified this guy as a Manuka Beetle, once home.

Back through the jungle.

Yes, it's heavy work - let's do it African-styles.

Even the smallest members contribute to the family economy.

Phew...back home!

And the results? It took the group 20 minutes to collect their water rations. It would take M8 58 similar trips to collect the amount of water she uses in a day - 19 hours of water collecting at the group pace! We hope this has sparked a new appreciation for all the blessings we enjoy in New Zealand.