Thursday, October 11, 2007

Frenetic Friday

Today is not a physically frenetic day but there is a lot racing around in my mind. I'm going to bung some of it here in the hope it will lighten the mental load, in the absence of Rescue Remedy or Gewurztraminer in the house;-)

1. Last night, Hubby & I went on a hot "Peak Oil" date to hear Richard Heinberg speaking. What a personable fellow as he delivered his grim message. He has clearly moved beyond the depression and stages of grief that people experience when they get to grips with Peak Oil, as he was able to present some positive outcomes to the whole deal. I wish he'd had more time to talk about Transition Towns as they really tickle my "Good Life" fancy!

2. Melissa's post about her new craft book reminded me that "Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts" arrived in my box this week. The new book buzz is somewhat tarnished by the fact that NZ Post have lost my Thomas Jefferson Education and Encyclopedia of Country Living. Darn you all to heck, NZ Post!! Here are some of the projects that I'm dying to do for/with the kids:

3. I finished I5's yoga socks this morning. We may all do Pilates in front of the TV with naked feet since I haven't managed to whip up a pair of socks for myself;-) Isn't that always the way with motherhood?