Monday, October 15, 2007

Actual Craft

So I don't just post pictures of stuff I'd like to do, here are a couple of actual completed projects. My avid reading of craft bloggers who manage their lives so much more efficiently than I, to churn out gorgeous projects, is a wee bit of a frustration. Less reading the blogs, more cutting the fabric, girl!

Meet "Gingey". I think she's named after the gingerbread man in Shrek? I5 made her on Saturday. First real fabric cutting (had a bit of trouble wielding the pinking shears), first buttons, first backstitch, first time using Mummy's sewing machine! Ok, she sat on my knee moving the fabric while I pedalled. I'm not quite up for allowing her a full licence yet.

Yes, I'm still procrastinating from my 4ply premmie knitting. 8ply baby knits are so very satisfying. (She's Crafty booties, One Skein Wonders picot edge hat, Alterknits rolled brim hat.)