Saturday, May 5, 2007

In my defence (Part II)

I'm not really convinced there is a defence for my current consumeristic budget blow out. I've used the justification that a woman needs the right tools for the job, and that it's good to have hand-made decorations and that you can never have too many good books in a house. Does that fly?

First, it was all about the Knitting. I'd gotten sick of seeing cool patterns, each with widely varying needle sizes, none of which I owned. So I decided that Denise Interchangeable needles were a necessity at our house. PINK Denise Interchangeables, of course. I have a hankering to knit this gorgeous nativity set for this Christmas. I think I'll need to start now to have it finished.

Then it was all about Amy Butler. I am a huge fan of hers and had been coveting her book In Stitches for ages.

How did Amy know of my Apron Love?
Now, to find that elusive thing...crafting time! And a place to stack all these crafting books I'm collecting.