Thursday, May 31, 2007

Boys and Girls

I was so convinced #1 was a boy, that it didn't occur to me till a couple of weeks before my due date that I could possibly be having a girl. I was so shocked at this notion as I wasn't sure I could "do" girls! Surprise, surprise...Mummy's Instinct was wrong for the first time (and not the last) and out popped a sweet, gorgeous 7lb3oz girl with rosebud lips and ginger fuzz on her head. I promptly fell head over heels in love and dressed her in pink and frills day and night, having sworn I would never "allow" a girl to wear pink.

Yesterday, I indulged in one of my favourite things...a Girl's Day Out. I borrowed two extra "daughters" (thanks Ali) and with my two we went to the ballet!! We were blessed to be able to see the Royal New Zealand Ballet's school performance of Swan Lake for only $6 total. What joy to see the sheer wonder on little girl's faces at the grace of the dancing and sumptuous costumes.

To top it all off, a car load of girls singing along to Abba on the car stereo just made my day!

After two girls, I had some trepidation about the possibility of #3 being a boy. I don't "do" boys. But this time, I just knew he was a boy. There was no surprise when my strapping 10lb5oz son made his way, kicking, out of me. I didn't notice much "boyness" in him as a baby but now, as a 2yr old, he constantly surprises me with it. I even notice him lowering his wee voice when he talks to his Dad or other boys!

In the midst of my Girl's Day Out I couldn't resist buying The Dangerous Book for Boys for my two men. I have one very excited Big Boy, dying to try out all the stuff in it, with the accompanying Mummy warning "Be Careful!". There is almost an entire home-learning curriculum in there!

Incidentally, two very excited Little Girls are intrigued with the contents too! Pink swiss army knife anyone?