Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Winter Wardrobe Wednesday

I'm gonna try this idea of Wardrobe Wednesday, inspired by Rhiannon and Clare. I'm not a huge fan of photos of myself, but since I freely pop photos of other family members here I'll bite the bullet. In the middle of Winter, I'm still feeling bitter and twisted that my Summer Of Frocks didn't eventuate because we had such shocking weather here. So maybe this process will bring me some much-needed oomph to build towards that again!

This is definitely my Mumsy Uniform. I wear a variation on this every day. Toes to Head: Simple shoes - so well loved I need a new pair. Handknit socks. Max jeans, somewhat skinny (although they haven't made me skinny, what the?). Max stripe sweatie. Moa furry hoodie - this is ancient but still going strong. The whole jeans'n'sneakers'n'sweatie vibe is why I want to bust out into some frock action come fine weather!

This is my Tuareg cross. I wear it to remind me that although I lead a very full, mostly-contented life in my own little universe, there IS a world outside. I bought this in Mali many years ago and it reminds me of the mothers and children I have met.

I expect you'll see me in the same thing next Wednesday.