Monday, August 23, 2010

Winter Hope

It's that time of year. Slightly longer days. More sunshine. A little bit warmer. Spring gardening inspiration is bubbling away. The kids and I have started weeding a couple of the garden beds we have here.
Hubby's pruned A5's little apple tree and I've popped some new herbs around the base. M10 is planning her own mini-medieval style herb garden too.

I've started to sort through our "seed bank" and peruse catalogues. I missed planting the seeds by the moon calendar this month but we'll forge ahead.

I bought some seedlings for a bit of instant satisfaction.

We've put in a bit of prettiness at the front of the house. Allysum, lobelia, geranium, chamomile and lavender are there to keep the bees and Mummy happy too.

We've prepped our small plot at the Community Garden on our street. We discovered wee strawberry plants dotted around so we've popped them together so they're easier to protect from the birds. Some calendula has gone in there too. We still have our two larger allotment plots, and are deciding what to put in them.

So what's happening at your place?