Sunday, May 24, 2009


My sweet, busy middle one turned seven last week. Mama took her and her bestie into Wellington for an evening in a hotel. We could not have encountered worse weather than what we had on our trip in, starting with having to wait for the train on the unsheltered side of the platform, then waves splashing onto the train as we approached Wellington, and finishing with a brief walk in gale force winds to the hotel.

Once inside, safe and warm, we hit the pool and spa, followed by a big bubble bath for the girls while I watched Robin Hood on Sky (he's a recurring theme around our place). The girls loved their dinner in the fancy schmancy restaurant with chandeliers - cheese burgers;-)

(See, I was there but clearly unable to take group shots including myself.)

They even managed to get to sleep in the same bed at a reasonable hour, allowing me to read to my heart's content. Bestie's mama joined us for brekkie and a spot of retail therapy before we all returned to the real world. Glad you had such a super birthday, darling!!