Saturday, April 18, 2009

Keep me in the kitchen

I had a birthday, not so recently. There was a distinct theme running through the gifts I got. My peeps know me so well;-)

I'd been drooling over Ladies, A Plate since it was released last year and was bummed when it sold out. But Hubby was on the ball when it was reprinted. Good boy. It has been in much use since I got it (much to my waist's chagrin).

Mum & Dad found this wee gem for me and it is a fantastic book for us to maximise our play garden.

The Kitchen Goddesses were smiling upon me when my brother and family handed this beauty over. His hand had wavered over Ladies, A Plate but landed on Gran's Kitchen instead.

My local bestie gave me this cute, cute, cute recipe folder. I'm planning a major sort out of my recipe disaster zone (while bestie minds the troops for an arvo this coming week!!).

So, I'm happily kept in the kitchen with this lot. One of my happy places.