Monday, September 22, 2008

Pioneer Styles

I know that the pile of food looks really, um, unpleasant but it tasted GREAT! We went all Ingalls Family for dinner tonight and made REAL baked beans! I did the haricot beans first in the slow cooker yesterday then realised this morning I needn't have. I chucked in the required onion, "salt pork" (Harrington's Free Range bacon pieces) and some blackstrap molasses.

Apparently "Puritan housewives mixed beans with a bit of molasses, salt pork, and onion and sent them off in large pots to the local bakery to cook all Saturday. The beans would provide a hot Saturday supper and cold meals for a work-free Sabbath." So, the pioneers had slow-cookers too;-)

After recently reading Journey Cake, Ho! by Ruth Sawyer we're trying the Johnny-Cake recipe from our cookbook - "a crusty slab of cooked cornmeal that was mostly a vehicle for syrup or gravy".