Saturday, September 6, 2008


After all the reading of and about, and creating like Eric Carle this week, how was I supposed to leave this sitting in my local craft store? (I think the key is to resist going INTO the store in the first place, Sharon.). We don't have a designer styles home so I'll be quite happy to have this as a wall hanging in our hallway;-)

Why, exactly, did I buy more fabric when it seems to breed quite happily by itself when I'm not looking? Again, couldn't resist this Ginger Blossom selection. I should be following the rule of only buying for projects in mind but it is nice to have such gorgeous stuff waiting for the craft muse to take me.
Miss Eight (nearly nine) chose this Sublime Stitching book when we made a trip to Minerva earlier in the week. She does have projects in mind from it though;-)

As regards balance...there is a lot of emphasis in the paid workforce on work-life balance. I'm struggling to find a time-craft supplies balance in my life! Maybe I need to be a bit harder on my impulses and start plotting uses for the yarn and fabric already in my possession. How do YOU manage this?