Thursday, September 16, 2010

Celebrations and Sewing

This week in September is always a big one for our family. Miss Moo turned 11 on Monday - does that mean she's officially a "tweenie" now? Man of the House baked her a FANTABULOUS Black Forest Gateau at her request. I wish you could hear her say "gateau" - her accent is delightful. Those French lessons are paying off;-)

I churned out this quick, cute knit for a wee friend because she looks just like the girl on the cover of the book.
Then there was sewing. I'm on a bit of a stash-busting sewing bender.

A cell phone cozy

Another pillowcase dress
A sweatshirt from some gifted fabric plus my first of many Reinvention skirts. (Um yes, wrinkles - no, my children do not fold their clothing.)
Another skirt and a hoodie - also from gifted fabric. I'm not convinced about them being worn together but don't have much say anymore;-) Can't complain about almost free clothing though!
On Wednesday, my lovely hubby had a Big Birthday - made easier by a lovely afternoon with friends, a few whiskys and fish'n'chip dinner with this view.