Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My sister can never have too many bags

Happy Birthday, little sister! Couldn't resist whipping you up a Charming Handbag with some Amy Butler August Fields fabric. I love the home decor weight fabric for bags and wish it was more readily available. Yes, yet another grey day for taking photos. Ugh - this spring weather is seriously doing my head in.

In other thrilling news:
* I fed my family lard. It won't happen again. I could barely stomach the smell of it cooking. And doh - it hadn't occured to me that it was most definitely not happy-pig fatty goodness.
* I'm decluttering children's wardrobes for Food Storage Friday tomorrow;-) I'm re-inspired by reading Independence Days so will be digging around in our probably expired emergency food supplies and reorganising everything.
* Two weeks and three days till I see Eddie, Ben and Liam. Psyched. (Although feeling slightly guilty for digging into house deposit funds for this!)