Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nose to the Grindstone

Recent Peak Oil Prep at our place included buying a manual grain mill so we can grind our own flour, corn and beans. It sat forlornly on the flour unused till Hubby made a super duper new kitchen shelf for it to reside on. Now we're away! The novelty of hand-milling wore off after five minutes as I thought it would;-) We're using a mixture of 1/2 home ground & 1/2 store bought flour till we get a better rate of milling going. We got this one specifically so we could add a motor to it at a later stage so Hubby is planning that as his wee "craft" project.

I often joked to friends that I wouldn't ever be a "true" homeschooler with less than five children unless I ground my own flour - so maybe I really fit into that crazy hippie homeschooler mode now?