Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Reading is my great love! I keep wanting to talk to you about books but never get around to it but a couple of posts have prompted me this week.

First, Sarah Bean WOWED me with her post about the true power of self-education in Malawi. As a home-learning family also interested in development (and also having been to Malawi!) this really tickled our fancy. What an encouragement for us all to grasp our own education in our hands.

As always, my kindred spirit Rach, stimulates the brain cells from Off Her Bookshelf. How wonderful it was to meet someone struggling their way through Don Quixote too (waves at Karen as well).

Here's a wee tour of our bookshelves...

This one in the lounge is not big enough but holds my favourites. Do you check out people's bookshelves when you visit their home? I shamelessly do!

The kid's shelf in the dining room.

My recipe books crammed under my computer desk.

This basket usually holds our current reads from the library but this is the kid's Christmas book haul!

The children's selection from Wellington Library this morning. The book love can't be contained by our local library so I forked out some precious homeschool allowance to join the Wellington Library. Their Nostalgia section has proven a goldmine for M8's reading.

My Wellington Library choices.

The shelf in A2's bedroom.

M8's current read.

My craft books under my sewing table.

My bedside table.

My bedside floor.

My current "Bible" on top of my computer desk.

Before I come across as a high-brow literary snob I also have a bad glossy magazine habit which I've been unable to break.

My dream house will one day have huge in-built shelves all over the place but in the meantime we make do with what we have and ensure we utilise our libraries to their full potential.