Saturday, June 2, 2007

Food and Us

It's important for our family that our children appreciate the fact they have food, respect that food, where it comes from and how it is prepared.

We don't grow or kill our own food, and dreams of self-sufficiency are a long way off. The nearest we get to connecting with the source of our food is our local Farmer's Market. The kids can hand our money over to the people that have worked hard to grow and make what they're going to eat.

For weeks, I've watched the preparation of the Harrington's lunchtime paella, but have never been there once it's ready to eat.
Yesterday, Mr Paella asked if anyone wanted to help him stir it. I5, my little chef at home, leapt at the opportunity.
She did a great job, and her hard work earned Mummy & Daddy a free lunch! While she stirred I chatted with Mr Paella about his children's interesting names, his favourite movie and other topics. You don't get that connection with a can on a supermarket shelf!
Yes, my children prefer the sugary, jam-filled beignet to paella. All the more for Mummy & Daddy.
Something for everyone at the market. Daddy enjoyed the talented young jazz buskers and it was great for the girls to be able to give them a bit of monetary support for their entertainment.

We're keen to get our winter garden up and running, but we'll continue to support our local food producers too.